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A collection of resources to help get the word out about this project.

Media: This link will take you to the presskit with all the graphics and banners
OR you can download a handy zip of screenshots and logo variations.

The first thing is, thanks for helping to spread the word about this project! It's by these means that things succeed on Kickstarter. Much of the advice (and indeed, most of the prose) you're about to read comes from Aaron Reed's page that did the same thing for his recent 50 Years of Text Games book on Kickstarter, so thanks Aaron.

Here are the most helpful things you can do to help this project succeed:

  • Post a personal recommendation to your followers on social media. These carry much more weight and are more likely to be favored by The Algorithms than a retweet or “I’m the 473rd person to back…” message. Including an image in your post (use this link to download a pack with the screenshots and banner variations) helps with visibility.

  • Link to the project in your communities: forums, Discords, subreddits, group chats, wherever people who might be fans of adventure games, interactive fiction or boutique or interesting/unusual games could be lurking.

  • Back the project yourself, even if only for $1, but ideally for much more :) (the number of backers helps signal interest as well as the total raised)

Help with Social Media Posts

Use the Kickstarter link, which is
or if you need to shrink it for some reason,

Likes/retweets on FACEBOOK or TWITTER or any others are helpful, but more useful is a post saying in your own words why you’re a fan of the project or think others might be interested. Here are just a few examples of how you might frame a recommendation:

Andromeda Acolytes is a big new sci-fi text adventure I'm backing on Kickstarter!

Find X cartoon author Kickstarts a sci-fi text adventure. I'll back it.

In the wake of the 50 Years of Interactive Fiction book comes some brand new interactive fiction on Kickstarter:

Sprinkle with hashtags however you normally would to reach appropriate audiences. I ain't a guy who'll tell you how to use your hashtags!

Please contact me (see links at page bottom) if I can provide additional quotes, images, or details for you.

If you’re looking for a written summary for, say, a newsletter mention, here’s my basic text you can feel free to use/modify:

Andromeda Acolytes is a big new multi-chapter, multi-PC sci-fi text adventure game launched on Kickstarter by Wade Clarke, creator of the cartoon Find x.

In the Andromeda Galaxy, humanity doesn't know why it is on the planet Monarch or how it got there. When an underwater accident in Monarch Harbour awakens a strange power, four very different women are drawn into each other's orbit, and into a race towards the mysteries of Monarch's origins.

Players take the role of all four heroines as they negotiate underwater mechs, AIs, abandoned cities, crime, friendship, suspense, horror, humour, an art exhibition, virtual realities and a tank. This is a prose gaming experience offering all the inner-world power of a novel plus the fine-grained world and puzzle engagement of gaming. The only graphics are in the automap.

Promo Images


Otherwise, you can click on any image below to open it full-sized in a gallery. Full-sized images can be dragged to your desktop to save them. Or you can right-click a full-sized image and choose to "Save as..."

Screenshots (1650 x 1080)

  • Chapter 1
    Chapter 1
  • Prefs open
    Prefs open
  • PC Dark Mode
    PC Dark Mode
  • Mac Dark Mode
    Mac Dark Mode
  • Map Horizontal
    Map Horizontal


  • Medium Horizontal
    Medium Horizontal
    (616 x 353)
  • Medium Horizontal Author
    Medium Horizontal Author
    (616 x 353)
  • Mini Title
    Mini Title
    (184 x 69)
  • Medium Squarish
    Medium Squarish
    (374 x 448)
  • Medium Squarish Author
    Medium Squarish Author
    (374 x 448)
  • Large Tall
    Large Tall
    (600 x 900)
  • Large Tall Author
    Large Tall Author
    (600 x 900)
  • Large Cover Author
    Large Cover Author
    1200 x 1200
  • Large Teaser Cover Author
    Large Teaser Cover Author
    960 x 960
  • Kickstarter just launched horizontal
    Kickstarter just launched horizontal
    1200 x 673
  • Kickstarter horizontal
    Kickstarter horizontal
    1200 x 673

How else can I help you help?

I’d love to appear on your podcast, stream, blog, newsletter, or other channel. I'm no one-trick pony and have plenty to talk about in engaging fashion: I’ve been making games since the 1980s, starting as a kid, I produce and perform electronc music as Aeriae, I created Find x (weird story, summarised here) and am now heavily involved in interactive fiction authoring, reviewing and helping. Click the email Wade button at the bottom of the page to get in contact!

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