Andromeda Acolytes was successfully funded on Kickstarter in August 2022. The game is now on the long but steady road to development. ETA 2025!

Andromeda Acolytes will be a big, multi-chapter, multi-PC sci-fi text adventure game.

In the Andromeda Galaxy, humanity doesn't know why it is on the planet Monarch or how it got there. When an underwater accident in Monarch Harbour awakens a strange power, four very different women are drawn into each other's orbit, and into a race towards the mysteries of Monarch's origins.

Taking the role of all four heroines, players will negotiate underwater mechs, AIs, abandoned cities, crime, friendship, suspense, horror, humour, an art exhibition, virtual realities and a tank. This will be a prose gaming experience offering all the inner-world power of a novel plus the fine-grained world and puzzle engagement of gaming. The only graphics are in the automap.

Andromeda Acolytes will join the Andromeda universe of text adventures that was begun by Marco Innocenti in 2011's Andromeda Awakening. It won't be necessary to have played any of the other games (there are five available by four different authors) before playing Andromeda Acolytes.