Andromeda Acolytes 2022 Kickstarter press kit


Heiress Software
Based in Sydney, Australia

Kickstarter page (Kickstarter funded on 24 August 2022)

Steam page
Steam beta was run 30 July 2022 – 25 August 2022

Platforms: PC/Mac/Linux


Contact: Wade Clarke

Andromeda Acolytes header graphic

About Andromeda Acolytes

Andromeda Acolytes is a multi-chapter sci-fi text adventure set in a young galactic colony still discovering its identities.

In the Andromeda Galaxy, humanity doesn't know why it is on the planet Monarch or how it got there. When an underwater accident in Monarch Harbour awakens a strange power, four very different women are drawn into each other's orbit, and into a race towards the mysteries of Monarch's origins.

Taking the role of all four heroines, players will negotiate underwater mechs, AIs, abandoned cities, crime, friendship, suspense, horror, humour, an art exhibition, virtual realities and a tank. This is a prose gaming experience offering all the inner-world power of a novel plus the fine-grained world and puzzle engagement of gaming. The only graphics are in the automap.

Andromeda Acolytes will join the Andromeda universe of text adventures that was begun by Marco Innocenti in 2011's Andromeda Awakening. It won't be necessary to have played any of the other games (there are five available by four different authors) before playing Andromeda Acolytes.


Tutorial Mode
* Never played a text adventure before or want help anyway? Start Chapter 1 in Tutorial Mode

Unlockable Chapters
* Start playing from any chapter you've previously cleared. Good for revisiting your favourite bits or trying new actions / solutions / dialogue choices

Customisable UI (because reading all this text had better be comfortable)
* Resize the game window where and how you want it
* Change fonts, zoom levels and margin sizes
* Choose from amongst a number of themes, including system-respecting dark and light
* Toggle the graphic automap on or off, zoom it in or out, and switch it amongst two sizes and four onscreen positions

* A Screen Reader Mode cleans up output for screen readers and SPELL command will give a spelling of any name
* The LIST command will show you all currently interactive features in your location
* GO TO any person, place or thing the current PC has seen during a chapter
* Get HELP for game commands right in the game window or via the pop-out Commands Reference Card

About Heiress Software

Heiress Software is Wade Clarke's interactive fiction label. Its first release was the 2015 horror adventure Leadlight Gamma.

About Wade

Wade got started writing text adventures on the Apple II+ computer in the 1980s and 90s. He returned to the genre in the 2010s with the games Leadlight, Six (which came 2nd in the 2011 Interactive Fiction Competition), Leadlight Gamma, and the Music Room section of horror mega-adventure Cragne Manor. Andromeda Acolytes will be his second commercial game. Wade also produces electronic music as Aeriae and is the creator of the zillion-times-forwarded cartoon Find X. He has written more than 170 reviews on the Interactive Fiction Database.


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Screenshots (1650 x 1080)

  • Chapter 1
    Chapter 1
  • Prefs open
    Prefs open
  • PC Dark Mode
    PC Dark Mode
  • Mac Dark Mode
    Mac Dark Mode
  • Map Horizontal
    Map Horizontal


  • Medium Horizontal
    Medium Horizontal
    (616 x 353)
  • Medium Horizontal Author
    Medium Horizontal Author
    (616 x 353)
  • Mini Title
    Mini Title
    (184 x 69)
  • Medium Squarish
    Medium Squarish
    (374 x 448)
  • Medium Squarish Author
    Medium Squarish Author
    (374 x 448)
  • Large Tall
    Large Tall
    (600 x 900)
  • Large Tall Author
    Large Tall Author
    (600 x 900)
  • Large Cover Author
    Large Cover Author
    1200 x 1200
  • Large Teaser Cover Author
    Large Teaser Cover Author
    960 x 960
  • Kickstarter just launched horizontal
    Kickstarter just launched horizontal
    1200 x 673
  • Kickstarter horizontal
    Kickstarter horizontal
    1200 x 673

Heiress Software Logos

  • Heiress Large White on Black
    Heiress Large White on Black
    (1792 x 500)
  • Heiress Small White on Black
    Heiress Small White on Black
    (591 x 165)
  • Heiress Large Black on Grey
    Heiress Large Black on Grey
    (1792 x 500)
  • Heiress Small Black on Grey
    Heiress Small Black on Grey
    (591 x 165)


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